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5 Reasons White Willow Bark is Wonderful

Natural ingredients never looked so good

White willow bark isn’t the name of something you’d expect to see in the ingredients list of your skincare. However, the extracted oil has been shown to be highly beneficial in the quest for healthier skin. Native to parts of Asia and Europe and now cultivated in North America, the tree this ingredient got its name for the silvery white undersides of its leaves. GREY likes to use White willow bark extract in out WASH | Men’s Daily Face Wash, here’s why:


  1. Extra Exfoliating. White willow bark contains salicylic acid which is naturally gentle exfoliant. It can remove dead skin from your face without causing damage to lower layers. This helps the skin breathe and can even limit the occurrence of acne.
  2. Awesome Anti-Inflammatory. The bark extract also contains tannins which are also found in green tea. These tannins are filled with antioxidants which help reduce skin redness and inflammation.
  3. Beautiful Balance. Thanks to a combination of white willow bark’s cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties, this ingredient does a great job of balancing out skin tone.
  4. Clean and Cleanse. White willow bark is great for unclogging pores without damaging skin. This gentle yet effective treatment makes it ideal for fighting and preventing acne.
  5. Anti-Aging. The salicin inside the bark contributes to the minimization of wrinkles and signs of aging. It does this by helping skin retain its firmness and tone.


While it may seem unlikely, white willow bark has remarkable effects on your skin. It’s no surprise that GREY like to use them in our WASH | Men’s Daily Face Wash.


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