Google Does A Quick Re-Vamp After Slack And Microsoft Teams Gain More Users

One company in the tech world has always—and probably will always—be the top dog, and that company is Google. The undefeated search engine and major brand has created a lot of things over the years that keep them on top. With new features releasing over the years and better ways to stay organized or keep in contact with people, Google has done everything in its power to stay number one.

However, recently Google has had some major competition with everything going online since March. Companies and applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams has made Google move towards a re-vamp despite their user numbers still dominating. But nonetheless, Google is switching up their style by introducing something called Google Workspace. Google Workspace is meant to replace Google Suite. With Google Workspace you can save everything to the Google cloud so everything that you need is backed up and you can access it at any time. According to Google, this new workspace is meant to be more secure, but that security comes at a cost. The prices for Google Workspace ranges anywhere from $6.00-$18.00 depending on how much storage you want alongside other features.

Google itself has over 2 billion users worldwide and the numbers continue to grow each and every day. With its Microsoft and Slack competitors, they hope that launching these new features and prices will motivate more companies to work with them. But these other companies are clinging onto the hope that people will still use them.

At the same time Google launched their Workspace, Slack decided they wanted to add more security features and reported that they are trying to find easier ways for the users to communicate. So, if you use Slack…expect some sort of update soon. For the time being, Google reigns superior and will continue to do so for a while.

What are your thoughts on Google’s new replacement for Google Suite? Let us know if you’ll be using Workspace down below!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.

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