Can Casual Doping Make You A Better Athlete?

Could cannabis help your fitness slump?

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Weed is complicated. But what happens to your gym time when your head is in the clouds? A growing trend is incorporating the two seemingly opposite worlds, but overall this is nothing new. Men and women in sports have been getting suspended or fired over the usage for decades. However, we live in marvelous times where the shift in public opinion has opened up more doors for cannabis than ever before.

Man smoking outdoors
Man smoking outdoors

Legally speaking, weed is not a performance-enhancing drug. If anything, it’s a performance-shifting drug. Even if you’ve never used marijuana before, you’ve likely heard countless spacey stories. While it should be noted that its use can be quite dangerous, marijuana has seated itself within medical communities all over the world for its multitude of benefits.

Using Marijuana In Workouts

Woman lifting weights in gym
Woman lifting weights in gym

If you want to use cannabis to break up the monotony of your workout routine, consider the timing and strain. Indica and Sativa alike have pros and cons that are specific to the individual, but the general rule of thumb is that an Indica dominant strain will be more of a total body relaxation while a Sativa dominant strain will be more of an uplifting cerebral high, bringing energy to the consumer. Naturally, you’re thinking a Sativa strain may be the way to go for shaking up your routine. Taking a single drag from your pen or one puff from a bowl before an exercise and you likely won’t get very high, which is just the right amount. Too much marijuana in your system could mean reduced cognitive function as well as slack motor skills.

Benefits Of Cannabis In Exercise

Man running on road
Man running on road

What marijuana can do for your exercises, especially if you’re a runner, is that it might help free up your mind to reach that “runner’s high” long before your natural endocannabinoids kick in. If you’re anything like me, you use your workout time to think about your day, your tasks, and to process those lingering thoughts. There’s a reason exercise is linked to a healthier life; it brings about mindfulness. And what is weed but a way to expand your mind?

Another benefit of being in this state during exercise would be your ability to have a heightened sense of self. What I mean by that is the ability to feel small twinges that likely may be your body telling you to lay off that dumbbell reverse wrist curl, bud. It may also help you stay attuned to your body’s energy levels, giving insight into how much further you can push yourself. Some user’s experience is that you may be able to lift harder for longer periods due to reduced anxiety levels.

Cannabis As A Post-Workout Remedy

Woman applying tincture oil to knee
Woman applying tincture oil to knee

A more common (and explicitly safer) use of cannabis for exercise would be post-workout. Relief from fatigue, aches, and cramps has long been praised due to its use. These days, you don’t even have to smoke to reap the benefits anymore. Creams and capsules with high CBD concentrations can help take the load off your joints and soothe those calves, literally. Keep in mind that a bowl after your workout can also help boost your appetite as well as help your achy body fall asleep easier, thereby reducing recovery time.

If you’re working out on a near day-to-day basis, then you’re most likely in a committed relationship with pain. So when you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, you know what to do.

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