Michelle Kelly
Michelle Kelly is a freelance writer from NYC. Her main focus is holistic health + wellness and ghostwriting. She’s also an animal activist working towards creating safe environments for all animals.
Staff Writer
Staff writer at discoverGREY covering topics that matters to our audience with insightful and easy to read content.
D. A. Romo
Lifestyle blogger and content creator. I keep you entertained while your boss thinks you're working— After earning his BFA in digital filmmaking, David spent years honing his skills as a screenwriter and producer. He then took a chance and quit his day job to pursue writing full time. In an unexpected turn, David found a completely new role as a marketing associate and copywriter for GREY. Currently, he has one published book and is writing an adventure for a tabletop RPG.
Ajeé Buggam
Content writer and fashion designer from New York City. Alumni from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Shortly after her career blossomed in fashion design, she has returned to pursue writing part-time, which was her first-time love. She likes to write about women of color, race, lifestyle, fashion, entrepreneurship, and mental wellness.
Alex Lipnik
Alex is a marketing and sales leader that has spent his career working in different capacities at startups. He has spent the majority of that time focusing on payments, technology, B2B SaaS, and SMBs. He thrives on finding creative solutions to problems and helping bring new products to market.
Alex Blair
Alex is a part-time student, part-time marketer, copywriter and blogger with his own start-up business. He believes that everyone has a responsibility to be constantly improving, and writes in Grey Journal to share his advice, contribute to your knowledge, and motivate you to aspire for more. Enjoy.
Sylvia Valdez
Sylvia valdez is a writer and photographer. After graduating with a BA in television, film and media studies, from California State University- Los Angeles, she has participated in the Spirit Awards Festivals. Her working experience includes reporting, photographing and Script Development Reading. She continues to write and photograph while raising awareness about mental health.
Ella Sabin
Ella Sabin is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Journalism, Spanish and Environmental Studies. She loves to travel and experience new places and cultures, enjoys reading and spending time outdoors with friends. She is very interested in global communication and globalization.
Armen Varadian
Armen is the CEO of AMVCreative, a production company specializing in Video, Web and Graphic Design. He started the company in 2010 after six years in the ad agency world, with the entrepreneurial desire to build his own valuable client relationships under strong moral guidance. A passionate artist, writer, director, traveler and musician, Armen is also a former Division I collegiate soccer player and Olympic athlete in the winter sport of skeleton. This athletic “alter ego” has shaped his business today, valuing discipline, teamwork and desire to always achieve at the highest level.
Nick Christophers
Nick has been a published writer for the past twenty years for many entertainment magazines and newspapers. He was the editor of the niche magazine Mob Candy Magazine for seven years. Nick has also appeared on the mob documentary “Mafia Killers w. Colin McLaren” on the cable channel REELZ. His knowledge of the underworld is extensive and not only for his research but because he knew many of these individuals growing up. He has published three books so “Destinies” (a fictional mob story) which was published by Austin Macauley a London / New York based publisher, "Prison Rules" which co-authored with ex-mobster John Alite and "Godfathers of the Night, In the Shadow of the Mafia" put out under his company Nick Christophers Ink Corp.
Matthew Alicea
So as you know I'm Matthew Alicea, I'm 25 and live in Long Beach, CA. I'm a creative individual with a hand in many creative outlets. I play music around town when I get the chance—that was until COVID. I skate daily and surf occasionally, that is when I can save up for another board because my last one broke. Originally from the east coast, specifically Philly, and moved around a lot as a kid so I've become a sort of social chameleon. Anyways, I ended up in Long Beach in 2013 and have been here ever since.
Anson Wu

Anson Wu

Chief Creative Director
Anson Wu is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in building engaging brands across industries. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he first learned and practiced creative thinking as an architect. After graduation, Anson spent almost 10 years building a successful millennial marketing agency to help brands engage with younger consumers through digital media. Anson is a frequent speaker on the topic of digital marketing and entrepreneurship and he lives in the greater Chicagoland area.
Francis Maling
Francis Maling is an NYC based creative with a background in restaurant hospitality and food service.
Elizabeth Hazard
Elizabeth Hazard is a photo director, producer and writer with several years of experience producing content for magazines, websites, brands and artists. A published author, she frequently writes about fashion, art and cultural topics for websites and publications.
Tony Bonilla
Tony is a content marketer, who enjoys writing and hosts his own podcast, Tongue Tied Talk Show. He currently resides in Southern California and is a poodle dad.
Casey Clark
As a motivated business leader, Casey is a passionate entrepreneur who got his start owning a home service franchise. After nearly a decade, he successfully exited his role with 90+ franchise owners and over 600+ employees. Casey went on to create Cultivate Advisors with his business partner. As the CEO of Cultivate, his team has helped thousands of owners reach their growth objectives through core business skill development and scalable systemization. In 2019, Cultivate ranked #280 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. The mission of Cultivate Advisors is to partner with committed entrepreneurs in propelling their business beyond expectations.
Clinton Harris
Clinton Harris is an Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author, Life Progression Expert and Keynote Speaker. Working in organizational leadership, educational institutions, with families and the military, he has served to help people all over the world for over a decade. Clinton’s Life Coaching company, public speaking and books have now reached a global audience.
Jake Schario
Sr. Client & Community Specialist at AeroPay, one of Chicago's top startups. That means he is the go-to for the companies clients around the country, as well as a liaison for communities around Chicago, organizing events that are meant to educate business owners about the best ways to receive payments. A veteran of the startup and corporate world, he loves to collaborate and be creative about how to serve his clients and community.
Anna Lagattuta
Anna is a young writer with a degree in journalism. She is a Chicago native and has a great love for travel, cooking and reading. Through her writing, Anna seeks to tell unique stories and create avenues for voices that may otherwise go unheard.
Chris Forson
Chris Forson is a very young writer and entrepreneur who cares deeply about the hustle of trying to become an entrepreneur. He hopes in the future to live in a world where his entrepreneurial dream comes true.
Emma Hempstead
Emma Hempstead is a graduating senior from Smith College in Massachusetts. She likes to write about literature, health, and cross-cultural connection. She is interested in how our rapidly globalizing world necessitates language, media, and storytelling as vehicles for communication and learning.
Believe Kelson
As a man who has been given a platform to reach my fellow human, my happiness is acquired through creating a source of knowledge that will incessantly engender happiness.
Jason Smith
An optimistic creative living in a world full of opportunity. I inspire change, growth, creativity, and strength. With a diverse background working with athletes, musicians, and actors producing content to working with C Level Executives in business development. I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Starting companies, failing and succeeding with some, but always gleaning from each experience. Now I share what I've learned with you while I continue my journey in life. My mission is simply to help as many people as I can, which is actually not that simple, but I persevere. I'm just The Usual Smith, trying to do the unusual thing – create, go against the grain, help others, and thrive. Oh, and occasionally I may have a Kanye moment. Connect with me on LinkedIn @jasonsmith85
David Porter
David is a digital nomad who loves to share what he knows about entrepreneurship. In the last couple of years, David has been developing multiple internet businesses while staying in Indonesia. He loves blogging, sunbathing, and traveling to remote countries.
Joseph Gerdine-Knighten
Joseph Gerdine-Knighten, hails from Texas (although he’d prefer New York). He’s worked in the health and fitness industry since 2014 where he’s done work ranging from; personal training, managing gyms, as well as working in the supplement industry. Apart from working out with his free time, he enjoys traveling, drinking wine, reading, writing, and spending time with his loved ones.
Leonard Sansone
I'm a seasoned professional, with over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Over the course of my career I have owned 3 companies. In that time, I have some stories of things that went really well. Then some where things worked… not so well. I am currently consulting with business owners on how to avoid the pitfalls and other things that could send them and their operations in the wrong direction. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas is a Washington State lawyer and writer who loves to talk —and write—about branding. Her business is in intellectual property law by providing support to clients who need to brand their businesses or their work via trademarks; or who require protection for their intellectual assets through copyrights.— She runs the Omega Inscribe Writing Company, a blogging, book writing and support platform for authors looking for guidance in their trade. When not busy with writing assignments, she spends a lot of her spare time working for the non-profit: The Lion’s Sanctuary Career Matchmaker, an organization helping individuals to discover their destined career paths. During leisure time, she loves to read and relax on the patio on hot days.
Tony Benton
Throughout the direct sales industry there was many companies Tony had worked for since age 16. Unfortunately, the companies he worked for did not share the same ethics and morals as he did. The young, ambitious twenty-one-year-old walked away from his job and knowing he could create something better! Tony has years of working with different marketing companies as well as in finances. Aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur, influencer to many people, and be free from the employee mindset. With his complimenting background, he created Pinnacle Status LLC, a Social Media Marketing Agency.
Cathyrn Eta
Cathyrn Eta is a freelance editor, writer and indie published author. She currently owns and operates Ikori’s ASW Editing Services, an editing company. She hopes to one day become a full-time entrepreneur and romance novelist. Cathyrn hasn’t always been fond of writing. That came later in life, in 2017 when she launched her company and wrote her first book, an inspirational book of quotes. This book of quotes helped to heal her mind mentally as she overcame her depression. She would also like to thank her late mother for always encouraging her and being her biggest supporter in her writing. She dedicates all her written pieces to her, Ms. Eta. Currently, Cathyrn works at a temp agency, while caring for her father and continues to build her writing portfolio.
Jordan Upton
Jordan Upton is currently an HR Generalist in Los Angeles, CA. He has been a College Ministry Director, a baker with Bouchon Beverly Hills, an entrepreneur and a long time musician. With a thirst for writing, he contributes to Gearphoria Magazine and gigs all over the LA area. He’s a husband of 9 years, an avid runner, reader, and car fixer. This Texas native never settles and is always learning something new.
Aastha Dawer
Aastha has graduated with a Masters in Luxury Brand Management from Regent’s University London. She has worked with several beauty brands and is passionate about the skincare. Aastha loves to read about upcoming skincare trends and implement the same. She has her personal beauty page on Instagram, for beauty reviews follow @iknoglow.
Johnny M DeCarlo
Johnny M. DeCarlo is a lifelong New Jersey professional who has owned and operated a successful food and beverage business, and is a researcher / writer of other entrepreneurial ventures. Garnering a large social media following as a blogger and popular entertainment figure, appearing on TV and radio with a perspective on a variety of subjects including not only the culinary and cultural aspects of his background in Italian-Americana, but transcending all matters of the modern man. With extensive knowledge on music, movies, politics, sports, fashion, health and wellness, any interesting areas surrounding topics of today and those of the past worth examining.
Marsha Rogers
Marsha Rogers is the Member Services Director for Evolution Accelerator where she mentors startups on search engine optimization and growth hacking tactics. After serving in the US Army, she graduated with her Master's in Human Resource Management and found her next passion teaching business technology at local community colleges. Marsha enjoys spending time outside of the office rescuing hound dogs and giving back to the veteran community.
James Wilson II
My name is James. I live in Denver, Colorado and am an entrepreneur! I’ve owned several companies, ranging from a music production company to bicycle manufacturing. My specialty nowadays is in photography, blogging, etc. I created this website as a way to teach people about financial education and help everyone grow. My autobiography will be released soon! Join the community HERE to find out when it’s released! If you have any questions or want me to write a blog on a certain subject, shoot me an email at
Trixia Abrera
I’m a seeker. I seek for adventures, new experiences, reputation, friendships, discovery, above all I seek for hope. More importantly, I’m a writer. I write more than I say.
Alex Stone
Alex H Stone and his cat Jeff live in Minneapolis, MN. Alex H Stone has an MFA in Creative Writing. In his free time he enjoys taking pictures and sneaking into places he shouldn’t sneak into—but don’t tell anyone. For more Ask Jeff’s Dad, visit us on the web at
Amy Hamblen
Amy Hamblen is a New York-based writer who finds it equally important to be willing to fly to find a good bar and to hone the craft of being a good barfly. You can find her on Instagram @AmysThirsty.
Eric Gasa
Eric Gasa is a freelance writer from St. Louis, Mo. His main focus is on music journalism, political news, and cultural criticism. He has an A.A. in creative writing and has interviewed everyone from MMA fighters to the guy who brought you the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.
Wes Speight
Wes Speight (stylized as Sp8), an independent artist, has played many of the venues of hometowns Nashville and Seattle, toured 13 states, Europe and Canada. Speight has released 8 studio albums and several singles since 2008, on indie labels and self-released. Speight's music genres range from singer-songwriter Americana to gritty blues rock. Speight's other passions include being a good father and husband, filmmaking, exercising, and awkward comedy.
Adam Abuelheiga
I am a U.S. citizen who lives in Houston, Texas. I graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Bachelor’s Degree in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences/Technical Communication. Throughout my time at UHD, I have had experience in writing in plain language, proofreading documents, and conducting usability tests for professional websites.
Jonathan Loppnow
Jonathan Loppnow is an avid outdoorsman, martial artist, and beer lover. Writing has been a passion of his for years. He grew up in California and now lives in Portland, Oregon.
Kwami Nyamidie
The author of Thirst No More: A Fable of Hope and Forgiveness and Ready for Your Love and Other Poems, Kwami Nyamidie is an award-winning poet and freelance writer. He holds a Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality from Seattle University. A U.S. citizen, Kwami lives in the Pacific Northwest where he’s currently working on a nonfiction book about mothers.


MS is a womenswear designer, rn , digital strategist and occasional photo hobbyist
Aisha K. Staggers
Aisha K. Staggers is a writer of culture, politics, music and Prince. She is the featured weekly guest on The Dr Vibe Show's "Staggers' State of Things," as a political analyst and social commentator. Aisha is the creator and co-host of the internationally syndicated "All Our Own Show," a weekly talk program for Generation X Women of Color. She is the creator of the "Soul Since '74" blog on Medium and will launch the syndicated blog and podcast series, "For Colored Girls," this spring.
Christine Cassen
Christine Cassen grew up near Orlando, Florida. She is currently a college student studying finance at UCF. She loves reading, writing, and nature.
Madeleine Hettich
Madeleine Hettich is a graphic designer, writer, illustrator, and comic book artist. After graduating with a BFA degree (with an emphasis in Visual Communications Design) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer before being hired by GREY. She continues to develop independent illustration and comics projects in her own time. This background gives her a unique perspective when writing about any number of topics.
Jackie Bonilla
Jackie enjoys being outdoors and dislikes being bored. She deems herself an Amateur Wine Connoisseur. On her spare time she co-produces a podcast with her brother.
Jackie Sloane
Jackie Sloane, Master Certified Coach, is a seasoned executive coach and consultant, specializing in enhancing ability to achieve greater well-being and significant results through how clients position themselves, engage others, communicate, cultivate relationships, and lead key initiatives. Jackie has over 25 years’ experience in executive coaching, leadership development, communication and organizational engagement consulting. Clients report significant results for themselves, their teams and organizations. They report becoming better leaders; greater ease in engaging the commitment and enthusiasm of others; in having conversations that result in transforming situations, as well as greater influence one-on-one and across organizations.Before becoming a coach, Jackie founded a marketing communications services firm that specialized in positioning, and grew visibility and sales for professional services, retail, consumer products, business-to-business and not-for-profit organizations. Her background includes serving on the staff of a national magazine and creating programs that resulted in significant sales increases, key contracts, favorable acquisitions and offers of acquisitions, top-tier media placements, and other targeted results. She has served leaders at privately-held, nonprofit, public sector and Fortune 300 firms. Jackie has worked with leaders and groups in most industries, including academia, energy, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, professional services, pharmaceutical, medical products, consumer products, sporting goods, publishing, digital, retail, telecommunications, and not-for-profit. She has served clients at Abbott, Accenture, American Society of Anesthesiology, Bank of America, Comcast, Deloitte, Exelon, Grant Thornton, Hollister, Navistar/International Truck and Engine, PepsiCo, Purdue University Northwest and others. Jackie wrote the Executive Coach column for Executive Travel, an American Express Publishing/Time Inc. magazine for five years, and has written for many publications, including Leadership in Action, the Center for Creative Leadership magazine. She has two coach certifications, including Master Certified Coach. She completed the graduate-level Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching in 1994, and many leadership, communication and coach training programs, and is a member of the International Coach Federation. Jackie has a B.A. in political science, and completed graduate work at Columbia College. She is a mentor for Chicago Innovation’s Women’s Co-op.
Shawn Hudson
My name is Shawn Hudson, I'm a 27 year old Bronx native that loves writing. I'm the type of person that's very persistent when I set my sights on a goal. I graduated from Monroe College with a Bachelors degree in Business Management.
Wesley Feng
A young professional constantly curious about the nitch and tips for men's fashion style and lifestyle. He believes when he has one question in his mind, there are thousands of people have the same question. That is the time he needs to seek the answers for one, also for all.