Leimamo Kanaeholo
Leimamo Kanaeholo is a writer who manages her own blog and works on the Editorial team at GREY Journal. She is a recent college graduate who earned a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Writing Studies at California State University, San Marcos. She began working with GREY Journal in August of 2020 and has written articles as well as helped with the distribution of newsletters. As a passionate, driven, and growing writer, she hopes to use her love for writing and sharing stories in her career and future endeavors.

Teslaquila Just Hit the Market And Sold Out Fast

Teslaquila. You guys, it’s real. Yes, you read correctly. Tesla came out with its very own tequila. The day has finally come where Tesla branches out of the automotive business and creates something absolutely insane! Not only is everyone surprised, but they are loving it.


Does The YouTube App Look Different To You? It Should

It’s no secret that YouTube has been a popular app and continues to grow in that popularity. Giving their users a chance to have real relationships with their followers or a chance to share stories worldwide, YouTube has been the constant source for entertainment for

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