Cathyrn Eta
Cathyrn Eta is a freelance editor, writer and indie published author. She currently owns and operates Ikori’s ASW Editing Services, an editing company. She hopes to one day become a full-time entrepreneur and romance novelist. Cathyrn hasn’t always been fond of writing. That came later in life, in 2017 when she launched her company and wrote her first book, an inspirational book of quotes. This book of quotes helped to heal her mind mentally as she overcame her depression. She would also like to thank her late mother for always encouraging her and being her biggest supporter in her writing. She dedicates all her written pieces to her, Ms. Eta. Currently, Cathyrn works at a temp agency, while caring for her father and continues to build her writing portfolio.

3 Key Mindsets You Need To Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Entrepreneurship has become the new “trend” today and that’s not such a bad thing. You see becoming the owner of a brand or business shows very creative and out-of-the-box thinking skills, especially in the social media generation. Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube