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Our Mission

At Discover Grey, we are driven by a deep passion to make valuable information accessible to everyone, empowering individuals around the world to enrich their lives. Through dynamic media brands such as GREY Journal and theWeb3.news, our unwavering commitment is to provide impactful knowledge and data to a global audience.

Our Approach

Our Audience

Discover Grey embodies a digital-first, agile mindset. We're not your typical media company; we merge the forefront of technology with incisive editorial expertise. Our approach revolves around collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to creating and sharing content that truly matters.

Our audience, diverse yet united in ambition and drive, is primarily based in North America. They are the changemakers and innovators of today, seeking to grow and make a difference. We cater to this dynamic group with content that's not only informative but also deeply inspiring.

Our History

Established in 2016, Discover Grey began its journey in Chicago, fueled by a vision to revolutionize information accessibility. While our path required perseverance and adaptation to discover the most effective approach, our dedication never wavered. In 2022, we moved our headquarters to New York City, marking a new chapter in our story of innovation and growth.


Our Brands

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